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First Friday is an Oakland staple and it was started by Art Murmur to celebrate Bay Area art and give people a chance to visit lots of galleries all in one night along with street vendors and food trucks. Art Murmur brought back a festive atmosphere to Oakland that had not been seen since Carajama and Festival at the Lake; which both ended due to neighborhood association complaints and a general poor relationship between the haves and have nots of the city. It seems like the latter problem has been mitigated by gentrification. The city has simply become too expensive for a lot of the have nots to even be able to afford to live there anymore. And because of that factor impoverished communities have been further marginalized and under represented in the creative and festive spaces that the city has developed as gentrification has encroached. We plan on doing something to change that by bringing hip hop culture to First Friday night through partnering with galleries, setting up our own promotional party tent and throwing our own First Friday night party/audio exhibit/art shows. Wax Poetic at First Friday with music discovery projector visuals on display at the next First Friday in December 2017 we will be bringing some social justice threw rap music, afrobeat, soul jazz and hip hop culture to Oakland, Ca. And we will be promoting our upcoming events and signing up hip hop heads to our mailing list to keep everyone informed about our upcoming events.

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